How to Turn a Pine Wreath into a Patriotic Wreath

I’ve been using pine wreaths for 2 years and much to peoples’ surprise, they find that they actually come out very full and beautiful and can be used year round. Pines are usually a Christmas item and people often think of them as something that can only be used at that time. I’ve been able to sell hundreds of designs for all holidays and occasions using this base. The best time to snatch these are when Hobby Lobby and Michaels Stores start putting them out on their shelves between June and July when all the makers and creators start preparing for their Big holidays shows and sales. You can also get them at great deals after the holidays when they are drastically reduced.

Here is a Pine you want to look for. They come in various sizes but for this project, you’ll want to grab a “24 evergreen or Canadian pine. The one pictured is from Michaels Stores and one of my favorite pines to use because of its’ fullness.

This picture will show you the supplies that I will be using for this Patriotic design.


  • 1 Patriotic Top Hat from Walmart
  • 1 Sun Flower Bush from Hobby Lobby
  • 1 Greenery Bush from Hobby Lobby
  • 1 Pack of Foam Patriotic Stars from Hobby Lobby
  • Small Flower White Flower Bush from Michaels
  • 1 Patriotic Flower Bush from Michaels
  • 1 Red Burlap Roll from Hobby Lobby
  • 1 Blue Burlap Roll from Walmart
  • 1 Any 4’ wide desired WIRED Patriotic ribbon
  • 1 Burlap w/white polka dot ribbon from Hobby Lobby
  • 1 Glimmery Blue WIRED ribbon from Hobby Lobby
  • 1 1” Patriotic WIRED Ribbon
  • Wire Cutters, Scissors, Glue Gun, Glue sticks

Don’t worry about getting all the supplies exact. Go with what you can find in your local stores and follow along and incorporate what you have with these instructions.


Separate all the pine bristles so it becomes nice and full and we can start working on it. You don’t have to open them very wide, but just enough so all the bristles are not tangled with each other.

Next, you want to secure your sign onto your base. The bristles make for great use of this. This particular sign had a wire hanger on it so I just wrapped the pine bristles to it to secure it in place like so.

Sign is secured in place using bristles twisted around the wire on sign.

Now it’s time to build our design around the sign so let’s begin cutting our burlap pieces. Start by cutting 4 pieces of each the red and the blue burlap about 6” wide.

Buy red burlap roll here

Pinch and grab

Now, pinch the middle of your burlap piece and grab towards the center to form a “ruffle”.

After you have made your 1st burlap piece into a ruffle, find a spot on your wreath to place it on and set it between 2 bristles. Twist the 2 bristles at least once to secure the burlap piece into place.

Continue this technique of creating your burlap ruffles and alternating the colors every 2″-3″ apart. You may place further or just until all the pieces are evenly around.

All the burlap ruffles are evenly around and in an alternating color pattern.

Next step is cut the glimmery blue ribbon into 4- 6” pieces and dovetail the ends. Dovetailing can be done by folding the end of the ribbon and cutting it in an upwards manner from the crease to the edge to create the “V” look on each end.

Buy the Glimmery blue ribbon here

Place the 4-6” Glimmery Blue ribbon pieces on each side of your sign. 2 on one side and 2 on the other. Use the pine bristles to secure the ribbon in place by twisting at least once onto the base.

Use the pine bristles to secure your glimmery blue ribbon.

At this point I’m sure you are noticing the polka dot ribbon bow and glimmery blue ribbon bow on the top corner and bottom corner. Don’t panic. We are going to tackle that part real quick.

Cut you 2- 24” piece each of the polka dot and blue ribbon. Dove tail all the ends.

We are going to make 3 loop bows now. Grab your polka dot ribbon and leave about 3” of tail. You’ll want to make a loop and bring to the underside towards the top of the tail and pinch in place. Next while still pinching and holding, you want to twist the ribbon so the print is facing the outside and create another loop. Pinch and hold this second loop in place and repeat this step so that you create a third loop. While still holding your bow, place it on the base like above picture and use the pine bristle to hold into place.

Repeat the above step to complete your 2nd polka dot bow and place as pictured above.

Make your glimmery ribbon bows with same instruction as above but simply place on top of the polka dot bow. You make opt to untwist the bristle holding down the burlap bow and place right on top and retwist bristle to secure OR you can just place right on top and just twist in place using the same 2 bristles holding the polka dot ribbon.

Now that we have added all the burlap and 2’ ribbon, it’s time to add your 4” wide ribbon.

Get your roll and secure the start of the ribbon with the bristles and create about a 5” poof by securing the 2nd point with the pine bristles. Continue making another poof by repeating the same and then cutting off the ribbon to continue on the other side as the picture below shows.

You may find 4” ribbon at your local craft store or various online stores.

WHEW are you tired yet? I’m not! Creating is fun! Now that we have all that done, it’s time to move onto florals! My FAVORITE part! Woohoo!

The florals and greenery is the fun part because you are now going to see your wreath really take shape and come together fast.

For this next step, you are going to need your tools. Start getting the hot glue gun ready and warm up for about 3 minutes.

To work with florals and greenery, you need very good wire cutters to cut thru thick and thin stems. Here are my favorite ones that I highly recommend. I use them religiously and have several pairs.

You can purchase them here at my affiliate link… grab you 2 in case you lose a pair.

Start by clipping off 4 greenery stems. You’ll want to push up all greenery up the stem as far as possible up to the top without it falling off the stem. Cut off enough stem to leave about 3” of stem.

Here is a good choice of greenery bush that you can use for this design.

Purchase greenery here

Next cut off your desired florals and again push any leaves etc. up to the top of the stem without pushing it off the stem. Clip off just enough to leave about 3” of stem.

Here are similar hydrangeas that is used but these are baby blue from Michaels. These would also look great in your design if you can find the red or white ones.

Use this picture as a guide to how you’ll want to place your greenery and florals.

Notice the 4 greenery bushes are opposite each other around the base. Put hot glue on the stem and simply place in the spot you have chosen and make sure it grabs onto some pine to glue into place.

Next do the same with the florals. I chose 2 red florals and 2 white florals and placed them opposite each other with hot glue on the stem. (pictured above)

After this point, you may put in the smaller accent florals by gluing the stem and sporadically inserting around the wreath to create a lush full look.

Isn’t your wreath coming out beautiful? It may look done and technically you could call it done at this point, but we have a few more accessories to add and then we can call it a masterpiece.

Once you are done with this step, it’s now time to add in the last of our florals, ribbon, foam stars and the optional flex tubing not originally listed in supplies.

Here are the foam picks and sunflower bush I purchased and the link to claim.

You may also find similar items above at Wal-Mart or Michaels Stores.

Cut off 2 sunflowers and leave about 3” of stem and hot glue it. Place in the wreath like pictured below.

Also cut off excess pick on your patriotic stars and hot glue the stick. Place the star pick as pictured below. Keep in mind, based on the placement and colors of your florals, you’ll want to put the foam stars not directly close to its’ like color. Notice how the white star is not close to a large white flower and so forth.

You are almost finished. Just a few more steps.

Next, you want to create 2 triple loop bows with your 1” ribbon, which would be my star ribbon pictured above. Follow the instructions a few steps above where you made a triple bow with the polka dot ribbon.

Place your 2-1” triple loops bows on top of the shimmery blue bows and secure in place.

At this step if you have flex tubing (the tan roping), create triple loops and also place on top of the 1” ribbon as so. I love adding flex tubing to my designs. They give it a fun look and come in so many different colors.

Flex tubing can be purchased here with an account registration.

Now we are nearing the end of our design and I promise no more steps. Hang in there with me here. The finish line is in sight!