Counting My Blessings on Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day for me is a day to relax, do nothing and just spend it with my babies running around the house. If I’m brave, I’ll chance it and go out to eat somewhere and tolerate the crowds and long wait times.

My 4 babies keep me on my toes and there’s never a dull moment, nor quite time. I long for the days when there’s peace and quite, a clean house and not having to share food off my plate because picky fingers always have to sneak what’s mine. BUT, let’s be real…when it is quite and the kids happen to be gone visiting their grandmas house, I don’t know what to do with myself and I’m lost because I miss them. HAHA!

L-R: Zane, Zoe-Olivia, Grace-Araiah, Glory-Adonai

Since I was little, I was always wanted to be a homemaker like my grandmother and serve my husband and raise my children at home. Nowadays its sometimes impossible to do because households now take 2 incomes to maintain. I was so very grateful last year in August that I was able to walk away from my corporate job after 17yrs. I came home to my babies and told them Mommy did it for them. I’m now always available for them when they are sick, need to be picked up for school etc. I’m only a minute away and can watch them grow right before my eyes and never miss a second. Being a stay at home mom is priceless.


Here’s a video of me fulfilling my dream to be a fulltime mom…grab a tissue!

I don’t want to leave my oldest daughter out. She’s in heaven and I will meet her one day. She’s now 19 and not a day goes by that I don’t think about what’s she’s doing up there. My story of why she’s not with us chokes me up sometimes, but I know she’s being taken care of because she’s with my Heavenly Father. If you want to learn more about her, this will explain it further and maybe will give you some closure if you can relate. If it’s for you, just know God loves you, forgives you and you ARE a mother if your child is not here with you.

There are several important Mothers in my life that I want to say THANK YOU to. I love them all very much and my life wouldn’t be the same without them. I’m blessed they are all still here with me.

First, I want to Thank my Mom, Marie. She was a single mom who worked tirelessly to give me all I had and I never wanted for anything. With no father in the picture to help support me, she filled both roles and raised me well. My mother and I have had a rocky relationship in my older years and it’s only thru prayers and ministry that I was able to Love my mom the way God loves her. We are much healthier now because as my mom gets older, I’ve realized that I’m blessed to have her and tomorrow isn’t promised. This is my favorite picture of us. I remember this day with her ice cold tea and body oil on. She always had a habit of tucking my shirt in neat and pulling my shorts up high.

My beautiful grandmother, Michaela, is equally as important. She helped raise me as my mother worked. I watched her serve my grandfather with love and be an awesome homemaker. With 9 children and 36 grandkids, she was a very blessed woman. I like to say that I was her favorite. She started her days before the sun ever came up with prayer. The house would smell of fresh tortillas by the time I would wake up and she was already tending to the home doing daily chores. My love for chunky jewelry and fashion comes from her. She adored getting dressed up and had tons of jewelry boxes. I kept one to remember her and use it to this day. It’s amazing how much I resemble her. She passed away peacefully in my childhood home years ago and if I know my grandmother very well, she’s having a grand party everyday up in Heaven.

One woman that I admire so much is my Mother in Law, Maryhelen. She lost her husband to pneumonia just 2 weeks after having my brother in law and my hubby was just 5 years old. She has proven to be a very strong and resilient woman despite the unfortunate loss. She also recently suffered losing her 2nd husband of 18yrs and is now a double widow. I see her and can’t imagine raising kids on my own so young and my spouse being gone. She’s still so very young with much life ahead of her and I know losing my recent father in law makes her lonely many days. I always call to check on her and remind her we are here for her and she’s always welcome in our home just to come sit and be loved on.

Not everyone has a “spiritual mother”, but I do. As a Christian, it’s always great to have someone you can connect with that will keep you in line and also love you enough to let you know when you are slipping away from God. I call her for prayer often and at the drop of a hat, she’s giving me just what I need. She has devoted countless hours ministering to me and I can’t thank God enough for putting Rachel in my life. She is a firecracker very much like me and that’s why we get along so well. When we hang out, hours will pass and it feels like minutes. God has given her the gift of creating with her hands. She’s an awesome cook and creates beautiful elaborate jewelry.

My Grandmother Elisa, my dads mom, has always welcomed me and has never pushed me aside like her son. It’s unfortunate that my father has ignored my existence but my grandmother has never shunned me. She calls me “Nicole” and is also a very strong woman. She lost a son teenage son to leukemia and then had 2 of her children (one of them being my father) try to commit suicide over grief from losing their big brother. I think about how that must have been as a mom to lose your first born, and then try to save your other younger children from guilt and trying to take their own lives shortly after. She still lives in the home I’ve always known her at, with my silly and crazy grandfather.

Mimi is my stepdads mom, but very much loved as my own flesh and blood. I met her when I was 11 and she instantly welcomed me as her granddaughter. I have fond memories of her picking me up from school and having juicy warm burgers wrapped in foil for me. She would toast the buns on the oven and add strips of bacon. I had never had my burgers like that until I met her and now I won’t eat my burgers without bacon. I’ve never known my grandmother to be mad about anything and always have joy in her heart.

My children and these women in my life have made me who I am today. I’m a proud mother, daughter, granddaughter, daughter in law and spiritual daughter. Hug your moms and those important women in your life today. If possible, spend all day with your kids and just soak them up. They will be grown and gone with their own families before you know it and you will miss the noisy and messy house.

If you are missing your mom and she’s no longer with you, look at old pictures of happier times. Write a letter to her telling her how much you miss her. Go visit where she is resting and drop her off some flowers.

I pray that your day be filled with love and lots of blessings. Happy Mother’s Day.